KIHASA Publishes Research in Brief 2021-15: Improving Aftercare Support for Youth in Preparation for Independent Living

  • Date 2021-11-05
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Every year, between 2,500 and 2,600 youth transition out of foster care as they turn 18, setting about to stand on their own as adults. "Yout in preparation for independent living" are young adults who are within 5 years after leaving foster care--residential child care facilities, group homes, or foster homes. Depite their having come of age, they have been called "children" out of foster care. The government, seeing them no longer as passive objects of protection, but as subjects of self-reliance, has decided to denominate them as "youth in preparation for independent living," as it did in its recent "Plan for Increasing Support for Children Out of Care".

Youth in preparation for independent living are those young adults within 5 years of having aged out of the foster care system, for whom Article 38 of the Child Welfare Act provides that the national government and local authorities provide aftercare support in housing, living, education, employment and asset building. As of December 2019, there were some 13,000 youth in preparation for independent living in Korea.

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