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International Cooperation

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Within the dynamic scope of international health and welfare 13 trends due to globalization, KIHASA has endeavored to promote an open exchange of ideas, experiences and information on health and welfare among scholars and policy-makers from around the world and conduct joint research projects with international organizations.

Cooperative Organizations

  • The EWC (East-West Center)
  • Collaborative host for holding an international seminar with UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)
  • ISSA (International Social Security Association)
  • NIPSSR (National Institute of Population and Social Security Research)
  • NIPH (National Institute of Public Health)
  • TPIFP (Taiwan Provincial Institute of Family Planning)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

International symposium & Workshop

  • The International Seminar of Future Directions on Family Welfare Policy (29 April '98)
  • The International Symposium of Population and Development Policies in Low Fertility Countries (7 May '98~12 May '98)
  • The Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Human Development Reports (6 July '98~8 July '98)

Research Coordination

  • Development of long and short-term research plans
  • Evaluation of projects and performance
  • Operation of domestic public relations program
  • International researches on health and welfare
  • International consulting projects
  • Research exchanges with foreign research institutes
  • Coordination of international conferences