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Policy Paper

Systematizing the Production and Management of Dementia Statistics
Attach Author Lee Yoon Kyung Date 2020/01/21



Abstract 1


I. Introduction 33
  1. Research Background and Purpose 35
  2. Research Scope and Methods 37


II. Definition of Dementia and the Overview of Dementia Policy 45
  1. Dementia Defined 47
  2. Managing Dementia and the National Accountability System for Dementia Management 57
  3. The Overview of Dementia Policy 62

III. How Dementia Statistics Are Produced and Managed 69?
  1. Regulations Governing National Statistics and Dementia Statistics 71
  2. Calculating and Analyzing Dementia Prevalence Rates 80
  3. The Dementia Statistics Production System and Its Diagnosis 95
  4. The State of Dementia Statistics 115


IV. Dementia Statistics Production Methods in Selected Countries and Cancer Registration Statistics Manaement in Korea 123
  1. Review of International Organizations' Dementia Statistics Production and Management Systems 125
  2. Review of National Dementia Prevalence Rates Calculation Formulas 144
  3. Review of Korea's Cancer Registration Statistics Management 179

V. Suggestions to Revise the Dementia Prevalence Rate Calculation Formula 191
  1. Why Do We Calculate Dementia Prevalence Rates 193
  2. Calculating Dementia Prevalence Rates Using Administrative Data 195

V. Developing a System for Producing Statistics Related to Dementia 16 
  3. Formulas to Calculate Dementia Prevalence Rates Using Epidemiological Studies 202
  4. Review of the Feasibility to Co-Conduct Epidemiological Studies and Other Studies 232
  5. Review of the Feasibility to Survey Dementia Patients in Hospitals and Facilities 248
  6. Chapter Conclusion 255

VI. Plans tor Produce and Manage Dementia Statistics 259
  1. The Roadmap for Producing and Managing Dementia Statistics 261
  2. Introducing a Dementia Registration Management System and Refining the Dementia Statistics Production System 263
  3. Constructing Indexes for Dementia Statistics 266

References 269
Appendices 275






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