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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.35 No.2
Attach Author Eun, Suk, et al. Date 2016/04/18


▶ Eun, Suk - A Comparative Study on the Effect of Education and Social Policies on Fertility Rates:Using System-GMM Estimation on 26 OECD Countries for 18 Year Panel Data
▶ Jung, In Young|Kwon, Hyeok Chang|Jung, Chang Lyul - Forced Pension Reform: The Case of Greece
▶ Seok, Jae Eun - Introduction of Korean Basic Pension and Equity of Intergenerational Transfer
▶ Kim, Jaewon|Kim, Cheong-Seok - Enrollment Situation in Private Health Insurance by Type of Employment:Analysis of Middle Aged Male Employees
▶ Choi, Min Jeong - An Exploration on Middle Aged Women's Social Capital and Economic Capital:A Comparison of Four Different Age Groups
▶ Song, Jin Yeong - The Effect of Social Capital on Depression:Focused on the Mediating Effect of Family Relationship Satisfaction
▶ Ha, Choonkwang - A Study of Social Support and Life Satisfaction in Middle-aged Korean Immigrants in Sidney: Mediation Effect of Acculturation and Depression
▶ Yang, Jung Bin - An Analysis of Determinants of Employment and Wage of Disabled Women
▶ Lee, Sewon - A Study of Child Abuse Death Case: Based on the Ulsan Stepmother Case
▶ Shim, Hai Sun|Chun, JongSerl|Kim, Ji Hyun - The Mediating Effects of Coping Strategies on the Relationship between Attributional Styles and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder among Sexual Assault Victims
▶ Kim, Yujin - A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Abused Older Adults Regarding Abuse Recurrence and Adult Protective Services
▶ Chon, Yongho - A Study on the Social Care Service Delivery System for Older People:Focusing on the Perspectives of Public Sector Employees and Private Service Providers
▶ Chung, Soondool|Lee, Eunjin|Ki, Jeehye|Choi, Hye-ji - Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Age Integration
▶ Kim, SooJung|Kim, BoRin|Park, Sojung - Preventable Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits:Focus on Medical Aid Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions
▶ Song, Eun Cheol|Shin, Young Jeon - The Comprehensive Health Expenditure Ceiling System to Prevent Catastrophic Health Expenditure: Focusing on Applicability Using Cost Estimation
▶ Park, Sylvia|Kim, Sowoon|Kim, Daejung - Demographic Change and Drug Expenditure Growth in the National Health Insurance:a Decomposition Analysis
▶ Lee, Sang-Gyun|Yoo, Joan P.|Chung, Grace H. - Identification and Prediction of Latent Classes of Health Promoting Behaviors among Children
▶ Lee, Yong-Woo - Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition of Gender Differences in Depression in Korea
▶ Kang, Jun Hyeok - A Critical Review of the Study Method of Psychological Autopsy in South Korea
▶ Hong, Sung-Ok|Kim, Young-Teak|Park, Jong-Ho|Kang, Sung-Hong - The Variation of Factors of Severity-Adjusted Length of Stay (LOS) in Injury of Neck
▶ Kim, Saerom|Kim, Seung-Sup|Kim, Ja Young - Working Condition, Health and Perceived Patient Safety among Doctors in Training:2014 Korean Interns & Residents Survey
▶ Choi, Myung-Min|Lee, Hae-Kyung - Influence of Architectural Environment Change of the Community Mental Health Center on Users

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