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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.35 No.3
Attach Author Lee, Wang Won, et al. Date 2015/09/06


▶ Lee, Wang Won|Kim, Mun Cho - A Study of the Life Prospect of Koreans:Focusing on Its Level, Pattern and Predictive Factors
▶ Kim, Juhee|You, Jung-Won|Song, In Han - Effects of Socioeconomic Deprivation on Depressive Mood:Analysis of the Moderating Effect of Age
▶ Kim, Tae-wan|Lee, Ju-mi|Jung, Jin-wook - A Study of Elderly Poverty and Depression:Focusing on the Multidimensional Concept of Poverty
▶ Kang, Jun Hyeok|Lee, Keun-Moo|Lee, Hyuk Koo - A Study on Overcoming of the Suicidal Idea
▶ Lee, Yong-Kwan - Analysis of the Relationship between Working Hour Mismatch and Worker's Health
▶ Woo, Kyung Sook|Shin, Young-jeon - The Effect of Catastrophic Health Expenditure on Household Economy:Focusing on Financial Coping and Poverty
▶ Choi, Jae-Woo|Jeong, Jae-Wook|Kim, Jae-Hyun|Kim, Jeong-Lim|Park, Eun-Cheol - The Equity of National Health Insurance Contribution in South Korea
▶ Kwon, Sung Ae|Park, Yong Soon|Suk, Malsook - A Comparative Study of End-of-Life Care Intention between South Korea and the United States:Social Workers’ Perspective
▶ Hong, Seokho - Health Promotion and Health Service/Program Use on an Urban Campus in the U.S.
▶ Seo, Mia|Min, Jun-Won|Roh, Dong-Young - Breast Cancer Survivors’ Mental Health Related to Attachment Injury and Marital Satisfaction
▶ Kim, Sowoon|Kim, Hongsoo|Lee, Seyune|Jung, Young-Il|Lee, Boeun|Hong, Yun-Chul|- Indoor Environmental Exposure Related Behaviors and Health Outcomes among Older People:A Perspective from Living Arrangements
▶ Lee, Eun-Whan|Choi, Hyeon-Jin|Kim, Hee-sun - Factors Associated with Healthcare Service Utilization among Korean Baby Boomers
▶ Chung, Eunkyung|Ha, Jung-Hwa|Han, Gyounghae - The Sense of Mastery as a Moderator and Mediator of the Impact of Job Insecurity on the Health of Korean Baby Boomers
▶ Lee, Jiwon - Neighborhood Ethnic Composition and Job Search Path as Determinants of Earning and High Skill Job Employment among Employed Marriage Immigrant Wives in South Korea
▶ Kim, Yugyun|Son, Inseo|Kim, Seung-Sup - Association between Discrimination and Self-rated Health among Marriage Migrants in South Korea:Focusing on Region of Origin and Gender Differences
▶ Lee, Hyunmin|Kim, Wook-Jin - Factors Associated with Food Insecurity among One-person Households
▶ Lee, Ye seung|Rhee, Young sun - A Study on the Construct of Recovery among Mentally Disabled People:Q Methodological Application
▶ Lee, Hyunju|Min, Yoonkyung - A Study on Institutional Isomorphism Experience in Social Enterprise:Focused on the Cases of Chungbuk Self-Sufficient Enterprises
▶ Kim, Jae Ho - Analysis of the Determinants of the Cost of Funeral and Method of Bury Deceased Beneficiary in National Basic Livelihood Security System

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