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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.35 No.4
Attach Author Shin, Keechul, et al. Date 2015/12/28

▶ Shin, Keechul - Discussions on the Empirical Study on Health Care Consumptions by Private Health Insurance Policyholders
▶ Yoon, Jangho|Shin, Hyun-Woong|Noh, Yun-Hong|Yeo, Nageum - Does Concurrent Introduction of Small Cost-sharing and Gatekeeping Arrangements Reduce Health Care Spending? - Evidence from Medical Aid Reform in South Korea
▶ Yi, Horim|Lee, Hyemin|Yoon, Jung Won|Park, Jooyoung|Kim, Seung-Sup - Transgender People’s Access to Health Care in Korea
▶ Kang, Jun Hyeok|Lee, Keun-Moo|Lee, Hyuk Koo - A Study on Overcoming of the Suicidal Idea
▶ Lee, Geun-Woo|Son, Ye-Jin|Lee, Kwang-Soo - Effects of Hospital’s Characteristics on the Length of Stay in Middle-aged Gonarthrosis Inpatients
▶ Kime, Kyoung Hoon|Ahn, Leesu - Affecting Factors for Continuing Outpatient Care After Inpatient Care for Patients with Alcohol Dependence in Korea:A Population-based Study
▶ Park, Il Su|Kim, Yoo Mi|Kang, Sung Hong - Health Risk Appraisal Model for Assessing Hypertension by Changing Health Risk Factors
▶ Shin, Sang Soo|Woo, Kyung Sook|Shin, Young-jeon - A Systematic Review of Studies on Public Health Using Multilevel Analysis:Focused on Research Trends and The Assessment of Risk of Bias
▶ Shin, Hae Jin|Kim, Kye Ha - Emotional Labor and Professional Quality of Life in Korean Psychiatric Nurses
▶ Yoon, Ki Chan|Sohn, Minsung|Kim, Mi Sun|Choi, Mankyu - The Comparative Analysis of a Structural Impact of Emotional Labor, Exhaustion, and Customer Orientation of Nurse
▶ Yoo, Gye Sook - Effects of Organizational Cultures and Anti-Bullying Initiatives on Workplace Bullying among Workers in the Healthcare, Education, and Banking Service Industries
▶ Kim, Yong-Min - The Influence of Professional Capability on Worker's Job Satisfaction in Community Child Center:Focusing on the Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment
▶ Lee, Hannah|An, Soontae - Korean Society’s Perception toward Suicide:“Us” and “Them” Represented in a TV Documentary
▶ Kim, Ye Sung|Ha, Woong Yong - A Study of the Effect of Participation in Productive Leisure Activities on the Suicide Ideation and Physical and Mental Health of Elderly Living Alone
▶ Cho, Jayoung - Factors Associated With Food Insecurity Among the Korean Elderly:Using Ordered Logistic Regression Analysis
▶ Song, Na Kyoung - Factors Influencing Low-income Mothers’ Employment:The Role of Behavioral Health and Government Support
▶ Yun, Heejung|Shin, Jaeun - Determinants of Life Satisfaction of People with Disabilities in Korea:the Role of Public Transfer Income
▶ Yoo, Jaeeon - The Impact of Enrollment Rate on Childcare Center Closure in South Korea
▶ Choi, Ji Young - Predictors of Delayed Disclosure and Effects of Delayed Disclosure on Psychological Adjustment in Sexually Abused Children
▶ Gho, Gyeonghoan - Development of a Private Resource Mobilization Model and Distribution Areas

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