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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.36 No.1
Attach Author Bae, Hwa-ok, et al. Date 2016/03/28


▶ Bae, Hwa-ok|Kang, Jiyoung - Child Abuse and Neglect by Child Developmental Stages
▶ Kim, Sinkyung|Kim, Soa|Song, Yo Hyun - Predictors and Longitudinal Changes in Extra-curricular Education of Korean Students
▶ Park, Byung-Sun|Park, Susie - Multiple Mediating Effects of Family, Friend and Teacher Relationship on the Relation between Stress and Internet Game Addiction of Adolescents
▶ Kim, Dong Ha - The Development of Aggression During Adolescence:A Comparison of Trajectories between Poverty and Non-poverty Groups
▶ Kim, Minyoung|Hwang, Jinyoung - Housing Price and the Level and Timing of Fertility in Korea:An Empirical Analysis of 16 Cities and Provinces
▶ Cho, Sungho - The Timing of First Marriage and Family Formation in Korea and Japan
▶ Rhee, Okjin|Hong, Baegeui - A Meta-Analysis of the Variables Related with Activities of Daily Living among Older Adults:focused on Socioeconmic Status and Psychosocial factor from Perspectives on Health Equity
▶ Yoon, Kyeong-a|Sohn, Eui-seong|Cho, Joo-yeon - Development and Validation of the Family Quality of Life in Dementia (FQOL-D) Scale For Korean Sample
▶ Lee, Ji Eun|Jang, Yun Jeong - A Comparative Study of Factors Affecting Adolescents’ Attitudes towards Dementia
▶ Chung, Soondool|Chung, Semi|Lee, Miwoo|Lim, Jungsuk - Perceived Level of Age Integration and Variables Influencing on Age Integration:Comparison among Age Groups
▶ Kang, Dae Sun - A Study On the Poor Area Resident’s Individual Differences Responding to Community Organizing Program’s Empowering Characteristics of Community Welfare Centers:With the Application of the ODCE (Organizational Domains of Community Empowerment) Approach Framework
▶ Kim, Dae Won - The Structural Relationship between Empowering Leadership, Core Self-Evaluations, and Service Oriented Citizenship Behaviors:Focused on the Customer Contact Employees in Local Medium Sized Healthcare Organizations
▶ Park, Haemi - Policy Analysis of the Long-Term Care System for the Elderly and the Disabled in France:Focusing on the APA and PCH
▶ Chen, Chengcheng|Min, Kichae - A Study on the Reform Course of Pension Operation in China:Focusing the Introduction and Abolition of the Operation in the Industry-Coordination Pension System (1986-1998)
▶ Lee, Song-hee|Lee, Byung hwa - A Study of System Improvement for Receiving Criteria and Benefit Standard of Pension for People with Disability:Compared with the System of Denmark
▶ Yoo, Chang Min - Health Trajectories and Their Associated Factors in the Korea Welfare Panel Study:Inequalities between People with and without Disabilities
▶ Kim, Bo Eun|Cho, Young Il|Lyu, Jiyoung|Choi, Eunsil|Kim, Hae Young - Associations Between Work-Family Conflict and Self-esteem and Depression of Married Working Men
▶ Kim, Min Ah|Jang, Eun Hye|Lee, Da Ji|Nam, Seok In - The Effect of Perceived Social Stigma on Self-Esteem of Childhood Cancer Survivors
▶ An, Soontae|Lee, Hannah - Media Guidelines for Suicide Prevention:Content Analysis of News Stories on Depression According to Health Belief Model
▶ Kim, Nang-Hee|Seo, Jeong-Min - A Study on the Factors Affecting Drug Users’ Intention to Use Treatment Services:Applying the Gelberg-Andersen Behavioral Model for Vulnerable Populations

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