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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.36 No.2
Attach Author Noh, Yong-Hwan, et al. Date 2016/06/30


▶ Noh, Yong-Hwan - Is It Possible to Achieve a German Way of Social Security Integration in the Korean Peninsula:Investigation of Unification Environment and Policy Measures
▶ Cho, Kyung Sook - Major Health Indicators in South and North Korea:With Special Reference to West and East Germany
▶ Seok, Jae Eun|Kim, Bonggeun|Im, Byung-In - A Comparative Study on the Adequacy of Income Distribution for the Aged in OECD Countries
▶ Nam, Seok In|Yi, Hee Jung|Kim, Seong Jun|Kim, Bo Kyung - The Effect of Subjective Socioeconomic Status on Suicidal Ideation in Older Koreans
▶ Lee, In Jeong - A Phenomenological Approach to the Experience of Spousal Carers of People with Multiple Sclerosis
▶ Kim, Hyun-Jeong|Kang, Eun-Na|Bae, Hye-won - A Qualitative Study of the Types of Leisure Perceptions among Middle-aged Men in Retirement Transition
▶ Lee, Byung hwa|Lee, Song-hee - The Effect of Perceived Discrimination on Job Retention in People with Disabilities:Focused on the Moderating Effect of Life Satisfaction
▶ Lee, Sun-Hyung|Bae, Hee-Sook - Effects of Sensory Stimulation Based Expressive Art Therapy on Depression and Psychological Well-being of the Disabled Living Alone at Home
▶ Lee, Jeonggi|Kim, Yun Young - A Grounded Theory of Non-take-up Group's Life Process
▶ Lee, Hyun Ju|Cho, Sungsook - A Study on the Effect of Relationship Marketing on the Reuse Intention of Community Services and Analysis of Mediating Effect of Service Quality
▶ Lee, Jin Hui - The Regional Health Inequity, and Individual and Neighborhood Level Health Determinants
▶ Jang, Hanna - A Study on a Regional Difference of Service Delivery System for the Dementia in Local Governments
▶ Kim, Jaewon|Song, Eunsol|Kim, Chang-Yup - Health Risk and Intervention of Long-term Care Givers:Realist Review in Realist Perspective
▶ Koo, Seul|Cho, Juhee|Ahn, Eunmi|Cho, Seungyeon|Park, Hyun-young - Use of Health Information Among Older Adults:Trust and Source of Health Information by Gender and Region
▶ Moon, Junghwa|Kang, Minah - The Prevalence and Predictors of Unmet Medical Needs among the Elderly Living Alone in Korea:An Application of the Behavioral Model for Vulnerable Populations
▶ Lim, Jung-won|Yang, Eun Joo|Son, Seri|Lee, Jisun|Son, Jihyun - A Qualitative Study on Perceptions and Practical Experiences regarding Survivorship Care for Breast and Colorectal Cancer Survivors and Families
▶ Kim, Min Ah|Yi, Jaehee|Kim, Soo Hyun - Service Needs for Parenting a Child With Cancer:Perspectives of the Parents
▶ Park, Ji-Eun|Ryu, Yeonhee|Kim, Hongsoo|Cho, Sung-il - Factors Associated with Controlled Hypertension by Sex and Macro Level:A Systematic Review

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