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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.36 No.3
Attach Author Lee, Min-Ah, et al. Date 2016/09/22


▶ Lee, Min-Ah - Parental Death in Childhood and Depressive Symptoms in Adulthood
▶ Kim, Suk-Sun|Gil, Minji - A Multilevel Analysis of the Effect of Individual and Family Personalities on Depressive Symptoms in Families with College Students
▶ Lee, Hyun Joo|Jung, Eun Hee - Socioeconomic Status and Elderly Health in Life Course Perspective:Testing of Multi-mediational Effects of Socioeconomic Status in Early Adult and Middle Aged
▶ Chang, Insu|Kim, Brian H. S. - Regional Factors Affecting Subjective Health and Wellbeing:Spatial Analysis for the Case of Seoul
▶ Park, Jooyoung|Lee, Nagyeong|Yoon, Seohyun|Choi, Bokyoung|Kim, Seung-Sup - A Systematic Review of the Relationship between Non-standard Employment and Health in South Korea
▶ Yu, Hyunjae - An Exploratory Study for Establishing More Realistic Media Guidelines for Reporting on Suicides:A Case Study of S. Korea, Which Has Had the Highest Suicide Rate among OECD Countries for 13 Consecutive Years
▶ Chae, Su-Mi|Kim, Nam-Soon|Yoon, Seok-Jun - The Effectiveness of Community Public Health Interventions in Alleviating the Health Impacts of High Temperatures
▶ Bae, Ho-Joong|Han, Chang-Keun - Newly Married Couples‘ Housing Assets and Childbirth:Focusing on the Households Married Since 2000
▶ Kim, Hyo-Soon - A Study on the Effectiveness of Stepfamily Relationship Enhancement Program
▶ Park, Byung-Sun|Bae, Sung-Woo - Testing the General Strain Theory of Adolescent Delinquency using Meta-Analytic Path Analysis
▶ Lee, Hun|Jang, Soo Mi - Parenting Stress and Level of Smart-phone use in Mothers of Multi-cultural Families:The Moderating Effects of Social Support
▶ Lee, Jiyeon|Chung, Grace H. - The Influence of Discrimination and Coping Strategies on Life Satisfaction of Multicultural Adolescents:The Moderating Effect of Coping Strategies
▶ Han, Ga Young|Oh, Young Sam|Kim, Young Sun - The Effects of Music Activity on Health Aging
▶ Jun, Seong Sook|Kim, Hyo Eun|Sung, Sang Min - Effects of Wandering Detector in Dementia Elder
▶ Yu, Seunghee - The Effect of Disability Onset on Employment Being Mediated by Disability Acceptance
▶ Kwon, Oh-Jung|Kim, Seok-Ho - Immigrants’ Life Satisfaction in Korea:Do Perceived Social Mobility and Sense of Belonging Matter?
▶ Cho, Kyung Sook - Infant/Child Mortality and Humanitarian Aids to North Korea
▶ Min, Kichae|Joo, Bohye - The Change of Special and Supplementary Pension before and after the Transformation in East Germany:The Scenarios and Way of the Pension Integration for the Privileged after Korean Unification

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