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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol.36 No.4
Attach Author Shon, Byong Don, et al. Date 2016/12/28


▶ Shon, Byong Don - Determinants of Group Differences in Attitudes Toward Welfare Expansion and Tax Increases in Korea
▶ Ko, Eun Ju|Kim, Jin Wook - The Effects of Social Class on Caring Types for Preschool Children:Adopting Fuzzy-set Ideal Type Analysis
▶ Lee, Yuri - A Comparative Study on the Support Policy for Prematurity in Some OECD Countries
▶ Park, Soon-mi|Son, Ji-a - Factors Predicting the Life Satisfaction of Older Adults:A comparative Analysis of Different Income Groups
▶ Hong, Seokho| Kim, Soon Eun - Constraints to Participation in Senior Welfare Centers:Focusing on the Difference of Regional Types
▶ Ham, Sunyu - The Effect of Health Problems on Old Aged Couples’ Labor Supply in Korea
▶ Kim, Yujin - A Case Study on Interventions for Housing Welfare for Low-Income Older Adults Living Alone in Urban Area Based on Cases of Congregate Housings for Older Adults:What Do We Need for Its Intervention?
▶ Lee, Mi Jin| Jang, Ko Un - Comparison between Repeatedly Received and New Cases of Elder Abuse at Elder Protective Service Agencies:The Characteristics of the Abused, Abusers and Abuse Situations
▶ Kim, Gwanyong |Seo, Jin suk |Kwak, Euisoo|Jang, Eunseok - Effects of Elderly Care Facility Employees’ Musculoskeletal Symptoms on Pro-social Behavior:Focused on the Mediating Effect of Service Orientation
▶ Kwon, Sung Ae - Factors Influencing the Attitudes of Social Work Professionals toward Advance Care Planning
▶ Yoo, Jaeeon - The Effect of Brand Name of Long-Term Care Facilities on Consumer's Choice
▶ Jung, Youn| Lee, Geunchan|Yoo, Myoungsoon - Publicness in Private Health Care Organizations:Developing a Model for Analysis and Measuring a Current Status
▶ Park, Susie| Park, Byung-Sun - Scale Development for Measuring Minimum Quality of Personal Assistance Service and Effect of Provider Characteristics on Service Quality:Focused on Mistreatment
▶ Han, Taeksoo| Yu, Hyunjae - The Mediation Effect of the Third Person Effect among Psychological Factors, Distortion, Riskiness Factors and the Intention of Regulation of Suicide News Reports
▶ Choi, Yohan - Is Subjective Health Reliable as a Proxy Variable for True Health? A Comparison of Self-rated Health and Self-assessed Change in Health among Middle-aged and Older South Koreans
▶ Cho, Kyung Sook| Jang, Eun Je - Physical and Mental Health Problems in Classical Musicians
▶ Jung, Heeja| Jang, Eun Je|Jeong, Sun Young - Factors Affected with Post-traumatic Stress in Nurses Involved in Direct Care for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Patients
▶ Jin, Hyun Joung| Cho, Sung-min - Estimation of Socio-economic Costs of Illness due to Blood Concentration of Heavy Metals in Koreans among the Public
▶ Jung, Minsoo| Yoon, Heesoo| Choi, Mankyu - Socio-Contextual Determinants of Vaccination Compliance:The Case of the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic in the United States

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