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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol. 37 No.1
Attach Author Jang, Soo Mi et al. Date 2017/12/21



▶The Association of Depression, Coping Motives and Drinking Problems among College Students: Testing the Self-Medication Hypothesis--Jang, Soo Mi

▶The Relationship between College Students’ SNS Addiction Tendency and Their Interpersonal Problems: Focused on the Moderating Effect of Social Support--Hong, Kupyo | Jeon, Hyeseong

▶A Study on the Effects of Parenting Attitudes on Smartphone Addiction in Adolescents: Focusing on Mediating Effect of Sociality and Stress Coping Style--Lim, Seong-Beom

▶Parity Specific Approach to the Birth Plan of Foreign Wives in Korea: Focusing on the Effects of Status Mobility and Proportion of Foreign Population--Ryu, Jungkyun

▶Moderating Effects of Hope, Couple Intimacy and Utilization of Family Support Service on the Relationships of Stress and Depression or Conflict Response Behavior among the Multicultural  

   Couples--Hyun, Kyoung Ja | Kim, Jeong-Hwa

▶The Association between Subjective Age and Healthy Aging in Later Life: An Age-dependent Analysis--Choi, Eun Young | Cho, Sung Eun | Oh, Young Sam | Chang, Hee Su | Kim, Young Sun

▶Attitudes Toward ‘Filial Duty Contracts’ and ‘Anti-Unfilial Piety Bill’ Between Parents and Young Adult Children--Yoo, Gye Sook | Kim, Je Hee

▶The Effect of Increases in the Pension Eligibility Age on the Labor Supply of Older Men in South Korea--Choi, Yohan

▶A Longitudinal Study on the Life Satisfaction of Situational Change of the Discrimination Experience in Daily Living and Employment: Focusing on the Comparison Between Elderly Persons with
   Disabilities and Non-elderly Persons with Disabilities--Seok, Mal Sook | Song, Jin Yeong | Park, Yong Soon

▶Exploratory Analyses on the Effects of the National Long-term Care Insurance: Using the Korea Welfare Panel Study (2006?2015)--Jeon, Hae Sook

▶The Influence of Organizational Conflicts Among Care Workers in Elderly Care Facilities on Their Turnover Intention and the Moderating Effect of Social Support--Lee, Sang-Jo | Cho, Sungsook

▶The Effect of Risk Management System and Safety Culture on the Safety Behavior of Care Workers in Long-term Care Facilities--Joo, Chan-Hee

▶A Single Case Study on Chungbuk Social Economy Fund--Lee, Hyunju

▶Content Analysis of Questions Related to Hemato-Oncology Raised through Internet Counseling--Lee, In Jeong

▶Healthcare Optimization of Customer Satisfaction Evaluation for Outpatient--Ji, Eun Hee | Kang, Sung Hong | Kim, Yoo Mi

▶Estimating the Needs of Terminal Cancer Patients for Hospice and Palliative Care Beds--Park, Soo-Kyung

▶The Influence of Internal Marketing on Customer Orientation and Job Stress in General Hospital Nurses: Focused on the Mediating Effects of Organizational Communication Satisfaction--Je, Nam-

   Yi | Han, Ji-Young

▶A Systematic Review of Studies on Association Between Drinking Behavior and Alcohol Availability--Kwon, Ri A | Shin, Sang Soo| Shin, Young-jeon

▶Alcohol Dependence Assessment in South Korea and Mainland China--Mtwesi, Mandisa Pumla | Serrano, Salim | Chun, Sung Soo | Ziba, Patrick Wyson


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