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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol. 37 No. 2
Attach Author Bae, Ho Joong et al. Date 2017/12/21



▶Childbirth and the Residential Distance to the Wife’s Parents: Focusing on the Households Married Since 2000--Bae, Ho Joong | Han, Chang-Keun | Yang, Eun Mo

▶Child Maltreatment and Perceived Community Characteristics and Housing Quality by Caregivers--Kang, Jiyoung

▶A Structural Analysis of the Relationship between Peer Attachment, Social Withdrawal, Depression, and School Adjustment--Park, Byung-Sun | Bae, Sung-Woo | Park, Kyoung-Jin | Seo, Mi-

   Kyung | Kim, Hye-ji

▶Impacts of Language Use, Family, School, and Neighborhood on Mental Distress: Analyzing Data on Immigrant Youth in California--Hong, Seokho | Lee, Sang Jung | Harrington, Donna | Kim,


▶The Effects of Stress and Marital Satisfaction on Depression in Middle-Aged Couples: Analysis Using an Actor-Partner Interdependence Model--Cha, Geunyeong | Kim, Suk-Sun | Gil, Minji

▶10-Year Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms and Their Predictors: Inequity between People with and without Disabilities--Yoo, Changmin

▶Leisure Activity Types and Depressive Symptoms among Middle-Aged People Living Alone--Kang, Eunna | Kim, Hye Jin | Kim, Young Sun

▶The Effects of Asset on Life Satisfaction among the Elderly: Focused on the Multiple Mediating Effect of Participation in Social Activities--Shin, Yong Seok | Won, Do Yeon | Noh, Jae Hyun

▶Identification and Prediction of Patterns of Health Promoting Behaviors among the Elderly--Kim, Soo-young | Kim, Myoung-il | Chang, Su-jie | Moon, Kyung-joo

▶Age Difference in the Trajectory of Medical Service Utilization, Medical Expenses and Health Outcome among the Elderly: A Latent Growth Model Analysis--Lee, Hyunsook Zin | Yom, Young Hee

▶An Exploratory Study for Developing a Social Stigma Scale toward Suicidal People--An, Soontae | Lee, Hannah

▶Private Providers’ FGI (Focus Group Interview) Analysis on Experience of Providing Integrated Social Service Voucher--Kim, Yun-Young | Lee, Jeonggi

▶‘Decent’ Return-To-Work (RTW): the Relationship among Individual, Segmented Labor Market, and RTW Program--Lee, Jeong-Hwa

▶A Study on Rationalization of Regulation for Strengthening the Publicness of Long-Term Care Services--Seok, Jae Eun

▶The Effect of the Policy of Expanding Coverage for Four Major Diseases: Focused on Out-of-Pocket Payment--Kim, Kwan-ok | Shin, Young-jeon

▶Comparison of Addictions Using Habit Formation Utility Function: With a Focus on Smoking and Drinking--Kim, Sei Wan | Chung, Ick-Joong

▶Association between Behavioral Risk Factors and Self-Rated Health: Data from National Health Surveys in South Korea and Thailand--Pholpark, Aungsumalee | Shin, Hye Ri | Aekplakorn, Wichai

▶A Qualitative Case Study on the Coping Experiences of Cancer Survivors in their Middle Years--Park, Jisung

▶Prevalence of Allergic Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers among Elementary School Children in Daejoen City--Kim, Hyun

▶Estimating the Price Elasticity of Demand for Off-Patent Prescription Drugs--Kwon, Sun-Hong | Lee, Jaehyun | Lee, Jinhyung | Lee, Eui-Kyung


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