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Health and Social Welfare Review Vol. 37 No. 3
Attach Author Chung, Soondool et al. Date 2017/12/21



▶Parent-Child Interaction, Social Interaction and Age-Friendly Environment on Age Heterogeneity: An Age Specific Group Comparison--Chung, Soondool | Chung, Semi | Lee, Miwoo 

▶What Are the Bequest Motives of the Korea Elderly? Conditional Process Analysis of Relationship Satisfaction and Emotional Support between Assets and Bequest Intention--Noh, Jae Hyun |

   Shin, Yong Seok | Won, Do Yeon

▶Perception of Older Workers’ Productivity: Focusing on the Statistic Discrimination and Contact Hypothesis--Ji, Eun Jeong

▶A Study on the Types and Characteristics of the Leisure Facilities Utilization in Urban Elderly: Focusing on the Elderly Utilizing Leisure Facilities--Kim, Se Jin | Kang, Eunna

▶Investigating the Predictors of Frailty: An Age-Dependent Analysis--Cho, Sung Eun | Choi, Eun Young | Oh, Young Sam | Kim, Young Sun | Kim, Seong Bok

▶The Association between Elder Abuse and Depression among Elderly in South Korea: Types, Multiple Experience and Difference between Gender--Park, Gum Ryeong | Chung, Jinjoo

▶A Longitudinal Study on Predictors of Suicide Ideation in Old People: Using a Panel Logit Model--Lee, Sangwoo

▶A Study on the Assistive Product Service under the Long-term Care Insurance: Focus Group Interview Analysis among Service User and Service Provider--Kwon, Jinhee | Kim, Hye-Kyung | Na,


▶The Effect of Status Changes of Workplace Discrimination on Maintaining Good Job and Moving for Better Job of Wage Workers with Disabilities--Song, Jin Yeong

▶Husbands’ and Wives’ Socioeconomic Resources and Marital Dissolution--Woo, Haebong | Chang, Insu

▶Determinants of Third or Higher Births in Korea: Focusing on the Effects of Cash Grants--Lee, Byung-ho | Park, Min-gean

▶Coping Strategies and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Korean Childhood Cancer Survivors--Kim, Min Ah | Yi, Jaehee

▶Materialism and Mental Health: A Negative Relation Not Moderated by Economic Status--Shin, Heesung | Kim, Taeik | Park, Yoobin | Park, Sun W.

▶The Impact of Multidimensional Social Exclusions on Atypical Worker’s Self-rated Health and Depression: Comparative Analysis with Typical Worker--Kim, Jinhyun

▶Health and Work of the Principals of Kindergarten: Impact of Menopausal Symptoms on Kindergarten Management--Yoon, Heesoo | Moon, Sungje | Choi, Mankyu

▶Improving the Effectiveness of Smartphone Addiction Treatment Program for Adolescents: Implications from Focus Group Interviews--Jeon, HyeSook | Chun, JongSerl

▶Feasibility of Using Administrative Data to Compare Healthcare-Associated Infection Performance--Kim, Nam-soon | Hwang, JeongHae | Park, Seong-Hi | Chae, Su-Mi | Choi, Yun-Kyoung

▶Physicians’ Perceptions and Behaviors on the Off-Label Drug Prescribing--Lee, Seul Ki | Park, Sylvia

▶Willingness to Pay for Adaptation Policy to Prevent the Health Damage Caused by Cold Waves--Shin, Hosung | Lee, Suehyung

▶An Exploratory Study of Factors Associated with Male Adolescents’ Perception of Graphic Health Warnings Covering Tobacco Packages--Kim, EunSoo | Jung, Minsoo

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