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Health and Welfare Forum No. 246
Attach Author Haekyung Kim et al. Date 2017/12/20

1. Foreword: The Ethical Values and Knowledge Base of the National Health Promotion Project--Haekyung Kim

2. Health Plan 2020: Promotion of Health Behaviors and Prevention of Chronic Diseases--Dongjin Kim

3. Tobacco Cessation Policy Indicators and Their Policy Implications--Eunjin Choi

4. Improvement Directions of the Community-Based Integrated Health Promotion Program--Juyeol Lee

5. Policy Directions and Tasks for the Protection of the Health Rights of the Disabled- Focused on the General Physician for the Disabled--Jong-han Lim

6. Recent Changes in Mental Health Policy in Korea--Jina Jun, Nanhee Yee, and Jinho Kim

7. The Determinants of Youth Reemployment--Wan-sub Lim

8. Welfare Technology in Nordic Countries--Taeeun Kim

9. After Reform: US Health Policy and Politics in the Trump Era--Ung-ki Jung

10. Health and Welfare Trends

11. Global Goings-on


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