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The 5th Inclusive Welfare Forum: Income Distribution Trends and the Challenges Facing the Inclusive State (5 December 2019 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm)
Attach Date 2019/12/12 HIT 721

The 5th Inclusive Welfare Forum: Income Distribution Trends and the Challenges Facing the Inclusive State

Noori Ballroom II(6th Floor), Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul

Hoted by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs







Morning Session 


Moderator: Nam Chan Seop, Vice Chair, Korea Association of Social Welfare Policy


Presentation: Income Distribution Trends in Japan and Their Implications for Korea, Lee Kang Kuk, Professor, Ritsumeikan University


Presentation: Income Distribution Trends and the Directions of Redistribution Policy, Choo Byung Ki, Professor, Seoul National University 


Discussants: Lee Seung Yoon, Professor, Ewha Womans University; Lee Won Jin, Associate Research Fellow, KIHASA; Choi Yoo Seok, Professor, Hallim University 




Opening Remarks: Cho Heung-seek, President, KIHASA 


Congratulatory Remarks: Park Neung-hoo, Minister of Health and Welfare; Kim Yeon Myung, Chief Social Policy Advisor, Office of the President


Keynote Speech


Conditions for Sustainable Inclusive Policy: the Nordic Model, Choi Yeon Hyuk, Professor, Linnaeus University, Sweden


Coffee Break 


Afternoon Session 


Moderator: Seok Jae Eun, Chair, Korea Association of Social Welfare Policy 


Presentation: Inequality in the UK: the Limitations of the Selective Welfare State, Jeong Hee Jeong, Kent University, UK


Presentation: Diagnosing Innovative Inclusive State: the Future Direction of Social Policy , Choi Young Joon, Yonsei University


Discussants: Choi Han Soo, Professor, Kyungbook National University; Kim Ki Tae, Associate Research Fellow, KIHASA, Kim Jin Wook, Professor, Seogang University


Coffee Break 


Wrap-up Discussion 



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