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No Subject Summary Author Date
907 Assessment of Particulate Matter Health Effects and Adaptation Measures in Municipal Levels Lee Suehyung 2020/01/20
906 Social Welfare Delivery System for Optimizing Public Service Use (II): A Focus on Local Governance for Welare Services Kang Hye Kyu 2020/01/13
905 Changes in Family Attitudes and Behaviors in East Asia - A Comparative Perspective Lee Sang-Lim 2019/12/24
904 A Study on the Institutional System for Improvement in Dying Journey and Dying Experiences of the Patients and Their Family Seo Jaehee 2019/11/19
903 A Study on the Countermeasures of Health Care Service according to the Trends of Shortening Working Time Yun, Gangjae 2019/11/13
902 Establishing an Integrated Data Management System for Supporting Social Security Policy Chung, Young-chul 2019/11/06
901 Health and Medical Service Demand Analysis and Policy Suggestions for Healthcare Development Plan Hwang, Dokyung 2019/10/30
900 2018 Korea Healthcare Quality Report: Korea Healthcare System Performance Kang, Hee-Chung 2019/10/23
899 A Study on Welfare Expenditure for Improvement of Welfare of Local Residents (I): Centered on Metropolitan Municipalities Gho, Gyeonghoan 2019/10/14
898 The Impact of Ill Health on Employment and Household Economic Conditions, and Its Policy Implications Kim, Sujin 2019/09/30