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A Study on the Countermeasures of Health Care Service according to the Trends of Shortening Working Time
Attach Research Paper(수시)+2018-09+A Study on~.pdfResearch Paper(수시)+2018-09+A Study on~.pdf Author Yun, Gangjae Date 2019/11/13

Korea is known as the country with longest working hours in the world. Long-term work causes many problems in the health and safety of workers and is a major factor in reducing the quality of life. The purpose of this study is to identify the working hours of workers in the health care service industry and to find ways to shorten their working hours. The health care service is characterized by the treatment of human life and health. Therefore, it is difficult to shorten the working hours of the workers. In this study, firstly, it is confirmed that there is a difference in the perception between ‘labour sector’ and ‘employer sector’ about working time. In order to reduce such gap, it is necessary to establish detailed definition and accurate monitoring system. In addition, the direction of improvement of the shift system, which is the working form of the nursing staff who need to take care of the patient for 24 hours, is suggested. 『The Comprehensive Plan for Human Resources in the Health Care Service』 to be established soon by the MOHW(Ministry of Health and Welfare) should include measures to shorten working times of health care service industry.  


Abstract ················································································································1


I. Introduction ···························································································7

   1. Research Background ·································································································9

   2. Research Purpose, Scope, and Limitations ··················································15


II. Trends of Working Hours ·····························································21

   1. Trends in South Korea ······························································································24

   2. Trends Abroad ······························································································45


III. Working Hours in the Health Industry ····························································69

   1. Working Hours of Health Professionals and Workers ·····································································72

   2. Survey on the Issue of Shortening Working Hours in Accordance with the Recent Revision of the Labor Standards Act ·······························94


IV. Conclusion and Suggestions ·········································································131


References ···························································································151

Appendix ·········································································································159 

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