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1 Beyond ‘Undone Science’ in Health, Welfare and Social Policy Shin, Young-jeon 5-10 원문 다운로드
2 The Moderating Effect of Sleep Quality on the Relationship between Working Patterns and Mental Health among Korean Older Workers Bae,Suhyun; Kim, Giyeon 11-40 원문 다운로드
3 Mental Health Changes in the New Poverty Entry Process Lee, Jongha; Kim, Yun Hwa 41-70 원문 다운로드
4 Mechanisms Linking Employment Type and Health: Panel Data Analysis with Fixed-Effects Models Lim, Sojung; Sung, Baksun 71-108 원문 다운로드
5 The Longitudinal Bidirectional Relationship between Social Relationship and Depression in Korean Middle-Aged and Older Adults: An Autoregressive Cross-Lagged Model Choi, Eun Young; Um, Sarang 109-144 원문 다운로드
6 Effect of Spousal Bereavement on Depression of the Elderly: Analysis of the Impact of Traditional Gender Norms through Gender Comparison Won, Hyejin; Song, Shinae 145-172 원문 다운로드
7 The Effect of “Old-Age” Stigma on Depression in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: The Mediating Effect of Aging Anxiety Lim, Jeung-suk; Chung, Se-mi; Chung, Soondool 173-203 원문 다운로드
8 The Effects of Individual and Environmental Factors of Children on the Defender’s Role Against Peer Bullying:Focused on Eisenberg’s Prosociality Theory Lee, Eun Young; Hwang, Hye Won 204-248 원문 다운로드
9 An Estimation of the Crowding-Out Effect of Basic Old-Age Pension on Private Transfer Income Using KReIS Data Seol, Gwi Hwan; Lim, Byung In 249-279 원문 다운로드
10 Experiences of Fathers Taking Paternity Leave: Using a Consensual Qualitative Research Method Choi, Saeeun; Joung, Eun Hee; Choi, Seulki 280-319 원문 다운로드
11 A Review of the Literature Using Photovoice in Social Work Research Her, Wonbin; Chung, Ha Eun 320-355 원문 다운로드
12 Qualitative Study of Cancer Survivors’ Needs Related to Survival Stages Kim, Daeun; Kim, Hea-Lim; Yang, Dong-Wook; Kang, Eunsil; Kim, Jinhyun; Bae, Eun-Young 356-395 원문 다운로드
13 A Study on Smart Healthcare Effectiveness of Chronic Disease Management Using Dynamic Simulatation Approach: Focused on Gangwon Province Chung, Yoon; Lee, Kyun Jick 396-424 원문 다운로드
14 Is the Quality of Service better with Higher Competition among Long-Term Care Institutions? Yi, Gi Joo; Seok, Jae Eun 425-455 원문 다운로드
15 Educational Needs of Mental Health Professionals’ Physical Health Care Competencies for Clients with Severe Mental Illnesses Jeon, Kyeong-Mi; Kim, Suk-Sun 456-485 원문 다운로드