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Post Traumatic Growth of Survivors of Danwon High School in the Sewol Ferry Disaster
Author Han, Jeong-Min; Jang, Jungeun; Chun, JongSerl Page 9-59 Date 2020-Jun

The purpose of this study is to understand the life after an accident and post-traumatic growth process and experience of the Danwon High School students who survived the Sewol Ferry tragedy. The following are the sub-categories derived from the thematic analysis results: “unforgettable memories”, “the pain of the survivors”, “back to unfamiliar normal daily life without our friends”, etc. The high categories were determined as “to shoulder the pain of life and death”, “to change my daily life because of different relationships” and “to move forward in the world with the name of survivor” It was shown that disaster victims who survived from disasters during adolescence experienced various difficulties related to adolescent development tasks with trauma. However, their post-traumatic growth was differentiated according to individual internal characteristics and environmental factors. It was therefore necessary to discuss intervention and support measures taking youth development tasks and personal characteristics into account. It was also confirmed that trauma symptoms could worsen over time. Hence, the necessity for a psychological support service plan considering the individual recovery status of disaster victims will arise later on. Lastly, in the process of recovering from disasters, family and social support acted as important protection factors for victims. It is necessary for social workers to play roles as advocates who can draw support and social support for strengthening family resilience. 

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