The 24th KIHASA-PAK Population Forum

  • Date : 05/13/2021 14:00 ~ 05/13/2021 17:00
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  • Place : Sejong Hall, KIHASA
  • Hosted by KIHASA, The Population Association of Korea

KIHASA is holding the 24th population forum jointly with the Population Association of Korea under the theme of “population change in times of covid-19 and its policy implications,” at Sejong Hall, KIHASA on May 13, 2021. The forum will be streamed live on KIHASA’s YouTube channel.

This forum is aimed at understanding Korea’s population change in times of covid-19 by examining people’s marriages, births, deaths, and migration. There will be presentations on these topics, and they will be followed by a general discussion session aimed at exploring, based on the analyses, views, and insight provided earlier, the way forward for our society.

Lee Tae Soo, president of KIHASA, will give an opening address and Eun Ki Soo, president of PAK, will give congratulatory remarks. As presenters, KDI school professor Choi Seulki and Choongnam university professor Kye Bong Oh will together talk about “dating, marriages and childbirths in times of covid-19,” KIHASA research fellow Shin Yoon-Jeong will give her analysis on the international comparison of death rates in times of covid-19, and Kyeonggi Research Institute’s research fellow Kim Younglong will present his views derived from the big data analysis on migration in Greater Seoul in times of covid-19. For the general discussion session, Choongnam university professor Jeon Gwang Hee will preside over the entire session, and Kongju university professor Woo Hye Kyung and KIHASA research fellow Lee Sang-Lim will each lead discussion on deaths and migration, respectively, as designated discussants.

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