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OECD Expert Group Visits KIHASA

  • Date 2021-11-19
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On November 19, an OECD expert group visited KIHASA to consult KIHASA researchers on Korea's social safety net in general and that for the self-employed in particular. The meeting lasted about an hour; it was attended by Kim Ki-tae, research fellow, and Shin Young-kyu, associate research fellow, both of KIHASA, and, from the OECD, Vincent Koen, Jon Par Eliussen, Beom Jinwoan, Hwang Hyunjeong, and Randall Jones. Topics discussed include, among others, the gap in Korea's social protection and what can be done to reduce it; ways to insure (long-term) unemployment for irregular workers, particularly for those who work on platforms; the status of sickness benefits in Korea and when and how they can be settled.