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International Seminar on Global Demographic Changes after COVID-19

  • Date 2023-01-09
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KIHASA held an international seminar under the theme of "global demographic changes after COVID-19," online on Zoom and in person at Ophal Room, the Plaza Hotel, on October 25, starting at 10:20 am.

Opening the seminar with his welcoming remarks, KIHASA president Tae Soo Lee said he believed that the seminar would be able to uncover some clues as to how Korea can effectively respond to its demographic changes, with an in-depth discussion on the policies adopted by countries in Europe and East Asia after COVID-19 in their responses to demographic changes they were facing, and was hoping that the seminar would also be an opportunity to unearth new policy ideas that could tackle some of the negative effects of population changes not only in Korea but also in countries in East Asia and Europe. 

After the welcoming remarks, Hanyang University professor Doo-seop Kim presided over a session comprising three presentations and a general discussion. It is intended that the seminar could figure out the impact the pandemic was having on various demographis worldwide and explore some of things we need to examine and supplement by reading the trends of population changes in various countries, as the pandmeic is transititioning into an endemic.

Session I: COVID-19 and Demographic Changes and Population Policies Worldwide


  • 1."Population Changes in Europe during the COVID-19 Pandemic," Tomas Sobotka, Vienna Institute of Demography, Wittgenstein Centre

  • 2."COVID-19 and Population Policies," Stuart Gietel-Basten, Khalifa University

  • 3."Demogrpahic Behaviour in Developing Countries in the Wake of COVID-19: Insights from Indonesia," Puguh Prasetyoputra, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Research Center for Population

Designated Discussion: Seulki Choi, Tan Poh Lin

Session II: COVID-19 and Socio-demographic Changes Worldwide


  • 1."Demographic Consequences of COVID-19 for Family Formation and Wellbeing in Singapore," Tan Poh Lin, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

  • 2."Dating, Marriage, Childbirths during COVID-19," Seulki Choi & Da eun Kwan, KDI School

  • 3."Population Mobility after COVID-19 in Japan," Sunyong Eom, University of Tsukuba

Designated Discussion: Yoon-Jeong Shin, Puguh Prasetyoputra

Session III: COVID-19 in Korea and Its Demographic Changes


  • 1."Fertility Changes during the Pandemic: The Korean Case," Yoon-Jeong Shin, KIHASA

  • 2."Mortality after COVID-19 in Korea," Bongoh Kye, Kookmin University

  • 3."Population Mobility in the Seoul Metropolitan Area after COVID-19," Young-Long Kim, Gachon University

Designated Discussion: Tomas Sobotka, Sunyong Eom

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