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KIHASA Signs MOU with Hankyong National University

  • Date 2023-01-26
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On November 4th, KIHASA president Lee Tae Soo and Hankyong National University (HNU) president Lee Won-hee signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a cooperative relationship in policy research and human resources development in health and welfare. This agreement was concluded to promote the two institutes' collaboration and exchange by making the most of their training and education infrastructures with a view to contribute to health and welfare policy studies. The main contents of the agreement include the following: information exchange and mutual support in health and welfare policy studies; promoting joint activities and human resources exchange in health and welfare; jointly conducting human resources development activities in health and welfare; promoting access of each party to the research and training infrastructure of the other; promoting  interdisciplinary research; other areas of cooperation deemed necessary for the promotion of the spirit of the MOU. 

KIHASA president Lee congratulated HNU president Lee on the new beginning of Hankyong National University, the only national university in Kyeonggi Province, as it has recently merged with Hankook Welfare University. He said he found it very meaningful to sign the MOU as he believed that, with the synergy from the combination of the excellent educational infrastructure of the HNU and the high capacity of KIHASA with its 50 years of history as a social policy think tank, their cooperation would play a meaningful part in helping establish a better welfare environment in Korea, thus making the country a happier and better place to live.

HNU president Lee expressed his gratitude to KIHASA president Lee for fostering cooperation with his school. He said, "Hankyong National University, beginning anew in 2023, wishes to set up a unique welfare education and policy studies network for Kyeonggi Province and based on this to be Korea's top educational institution in social policy. We cannot pull this off without the cooperation from partners such as KIHASA."

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