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Leisure and Informatization of The Older in Korea

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    Kim, Sejin

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    2021. 10.

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This article analyzed the current status of leisure and informatization of the elderly in Korea, focusing on the results of the 2020 Survey on Seniors. In 2020, 80.3 percent of the elderly in Korea participated in leisure and cultural activities, and 79.1 percent participated in more than one social activity. While most of the elderly participated in passive leisure activities, it was revealed the levels and forms of leisure activities varied widely. Moreover, the utilization rate of leisure and cultural facilities for the elderly and the expected rate for the future varied among elderly groups, especially was different upon age groups. In particular, it was demonstrated that the 65-69 age group was more heterogeneous than other age groups. Also, the 65-69 age group showed a higher level of information technology literacy than the 70 or older age group. Accordingly, as the age spectrum of the elderly expands and the
cohort born in the 1950s enters old age, diversity within the elderly population is expected to increase further. Therefore, it is necessary to establish leisure and information policies for older adults.


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