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The Families and Social Relationships of Older Koreans

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    Lee, Sun Hee

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    2021. 10.

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The purpose of this article is to understand the current status of family and social relationships of older Koreans and to present ways to respond to current trends in change. To this end, this study analyzed data from the 2020 National Survey of Older Koreans conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs, focusing on changes in the structure, function, and perceived values of family and social relationships. This analysis confirmed that there have been general increases in households made up of seniors only, a reduction of family relationships with children, a diversification of the peer relationship network, and increases in the perceived value of independent life in old age. Based on its findings, this article recommends to strengthen policy attention to seniors living alone or in couples, strengthen the public care system, support the promotion of peer relationships among seniors, and help individuals and society prepare for old age.


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