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A Study of Social Unrest in Korea: For Young People

A Study of Social Unrest in Korea: For Young People

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    Lee, Hyonjoo

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    연구보고서 2020-06

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This study is aimed at examining social unrest among young people in Korea. In particular, we examine the conceptual construct and level of social unrest and factors affecting social unrest. Now in its second year, this study bases its findings on a web-based social survey.
The five elements identified that construct the concept of social unrest are: justice, competition and inequality, security, trust in government, adaptation/falling behind. Justice and trust in government are key nods in the network of every elemental questions of social unrest index. Socioeconomic class affects social unrest of young people, especially assets of parents and income of respondents. Research findings support that social gathering could mitigate social unrest and that self-esteem affects social unrest as a parameter. This study concludes with some policy suggestions including building a monitoring system and making changes to youth policies.


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