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KIHASA strives to achieve improved quality of life for the Korean population by promoting the nation's health and welfare system through systematic research and evaluation of national policies and programs related to health care, social welfare, social insurance and population. These works provide the government with vital information and guidelines for implementing health and welfare policies.


  • 1999.01.29
    Transferred on January 29, 1999 to the Office of State Affairs Coordination pursuant to the Law on the Establishment, Operation and Promotion of State-Sponsored Organizations (Law 5733).
  • 1989.12.30
    Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA). The former KIPH was renamed KIHASA on December 30, 1989 (Law 4181) with its additional function of research in social security.
  • 1981.07.01
    Korea Institute for Population and Health (KIPH) Formed through the merger of KIFP and KHDI (Act 3417) on July 1, 1981.
  • 1976.04.19
    Korea Health Development Institute (KHDI), established on April 19, 1976 (Law 2857).
  • 1971.07.01
    Korea Institute for Family Planning (KIFP), established on July 1, 1971 (Law 2270).


  • Annually conducts approximately fifty short- and long- term research projects to accumulate a wide range of research experience
  • Studies and evaluates the primary issues of national health services, health and medical industries, social insurance, social security, family welfare, and population
  • Conducts joint research projects and active information exchange programs with related domestic and international organizations through seminars and conferences
  • Executes specific research and development projects according to the government's requests
  • Educates and trains people domestically and abroad by disseminating a wide-range of information on health and social affairs
  • Conducts national household surveys on areas of fertility, health and medical care of the disabled, the elderly and low-income earners