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No Subject Summary Author Date
887 Localization and Welfare Disparity: Focusing on the Service Delivery System Ham, Young-Jin 2019/07/17
886 Appraising Health Risks and Estimating the Burden of Diseases based on Changes in Health Behavior Kim, Dae Joong 2019/07/10
885 Efficient Use of Reverse Mortgages for a Stable Life in Old Age Baek, Hyeyoun 2019/07/03
884 Policy Directions for Comprehensive Performance Improvement of Future Healthcare Technologies Ko, Sukja 2019/06/26
883 Health Ineqaulities in Korea: Magnitude of Their Challanges and Strategy for Alleviation Kim, Dongjin 2019/06/19
882 Technical Support for Participatory Health Impact Assessment Choi, Eun Jin 2019/06/12
881 Married Couples' Time Allocation for Work-Life Balance and Its Policy Implications Cho, Sungho 2019/06/05
880 The Structure of Child Care Provision and Its Policy Implications Kim, Eun-jung 2019/05/29
879 Anomaly Detection Based on Machine Learning Oh, Miae 2019/05/22
878 The Economic Burden of Disease Attributable to Overwork and Its Policy Implications in Korea Jung, Youn 2019/05/15