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No Subject Summary Author Date
870 The Effect of Retirement on Mental Health and Cognitive Functioning LEE Ayoung 2019/03/20
869 Development of Strategy for Senior Friendly Healthcare for Healthy Ageing KIM Nam Soon 2019/03/13
868 The Management and Operation of Health and Welfare Data Portal System 2018 LEE Yeon-Hee 2019/03/13
867 Improving Healthcare System Performance by Promising Technologies Development and Competition: Focusing on Biosimilars PARK Sylvia 2019/02/27
866 Development of Social Insurance Policy Experiment Model using Dynamic Programming Jongwook WON 2019/02/20
865 Ensuring Dignity in Old Age with Improved Quality of Death Kyunghee Chung 2019/02/11
864 The Impact of the Interaction between Social Capital and Governance on People's Life Satisfaction PARK Ah Yeon 2019/01/09
863 Introduction to the Community Social Security Plan KANG Hye Kyu 2018/12/26
862 The Support Project for North Korean Infants and Children: A Social Network Analysis Approach to Its Structure and Improvement CHO Sungeun 2018/12/26
861 Development of Integrated Indicators for Measuring Social and Economic Values of Social Economy in Korea LIM Sung Eun 2018/12/19