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No Subject Summary Author Date
860 Strengthening infectious disease control systems in government and healthcare institutions Kim Namsoon 2017/11/13
859 Issues and Implications of Alternative Income Security Arrangements Kang Sinwook 2017/10/26
858 Review of the Health and Welfare Related Contents of the Textbooks Used at the Elementary, Middle and High Schools.
Lee Sangyoung 2017/10/26
857 Designing a Korean Welfare State Model:A Comparison of Welfare Regimes Yeo Eugene 2017/10/26
856 Study on the relationship between sensory level of experience and policy performance in social policy
Jung Hongwon 2017/10/26
855 A comparative case study on the role of the welfare system in the process of overcoming the economic crisis
Im Wansub 2017/10/26
854 Patient Safety in Korea: Current Status and Policy Issues
Seo Jehee 2017/10/26
853 Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs Annual Report 2016
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs 2017/09/20
852 A Comparative Study of Social Policy in Asian Countries Focusing on the System of Social Protection Policies
No Daemyung 2017/04/05
851 A Study of the Application of Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance to Volunteers
Kim Sangho 2017/04/04