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No Subject Summary Author Date
990 The Effects of Physical Activity on Health Status and Medical Expenses and Its Policy Implications Oh, Youngho 2020/07/20
989 The Role of National Research Institutes in the Development of Health and Social Policies in Korea: Focused on the Case of the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs Kyunghee Chung 2020/07/01
988 Social Protection System against Family Abuse and Violence Across the Life Span Ryu, Jeong-Hee 2020/06/25
987 An International Comparison of the Social Services Labor Market: Focusing on Care Services Kim, Yun young 2020/06/08
986 Inter-Korean Agenda on Health and Welfare: Analysis and Development of Implementation Plans Cho, Sungeun 2020/04/28
985 Understanding experiences of abuse and violence among children and youths- A life course perspective Ryu, Jeong-Hee 2020/04/27
984 Designing A Korean Welfare State Model V: Philosopical Foundation of Welfare State Yeo, Eugene 2020/04/27
983 Study on Measures to Enhance Convenience in Daily Life of Elderly Households through Improvement of Senior Industry: Centering Assistive Technology Devices Kim, Kyeongrae 2020/04/27
982 The Data-driven restructuring strategy of inclusive and innovative social policy for the era of the 4th industrial revolution Hyunsoo Choi 2020/04/27
981 Study about the Improving the Evaluation of the Social Welfare Facilities Oh, Yun-seob 2020/04/27