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No Subject Summary Author Date
879 Anomaly Detection Based on Machine Learning Oh, Miae 2019/05/22
878 The Economic Burden of Disease Attributable to Overwork and Its Policy Implications in Korea Jung, Youn 2019/05/15
877 Finding an Optimal Level of Health Care Provision through the Analysis of Health Care System Performance and Suggesting Policy Directions Oh, Youngho 2019/05/08
876 Cash and In-Kind Benefits as Composing the Social Security Program and Their Effects Lee, Hyon Joo 2019/05/02
875 The Production and Uses of Statistics on Regional Health Expenditures Shin, Jeong Woo 2019/04/24
874 The 2018 National Survey on Fertility and Family Health and Welfare Lee, So-Young 2019/04/17
873 Reasonable Accomodation Duties and the Job Accommodation Scheme for Persons with Disabilities Oh, Ukchan 2019/04/10
872 Strengthening the Social Service System : a Comprehensive Analysis of Social Service Protection Ahn, Suran 2019/04/03
871 Regional Population Crisis and Migration Perspectives in Korea Lee, Sang-Lim 2019/03/27
870 The Effect of Retirement on Mental Health and Cognitive Functioning Lee, Ah Young 2019/03/20