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Policy Paper

No Subject Summary Author Date
530 Risks and Socioeconomic Costs of Alcohol-Attributable Illnesses Young-Ho Jung Sukja Ko 2018/02/07
529 Spatial-Data-Based Analysis of Adequate Supply and Demand for Childcare Service Infrastructure Hyunsoo Choi Miae Oh Mikyung Cheon 2017/12/04
528 The Consumption Patterns of Low-Income Households and Their Policy Implications
Hyonjoo Lee 2017/12/04
527 Risks and Socioeconomic Costs of Alcohol-Attributable Illnesses
Jung Youngho 2017/11/13
526 Health Inequality in Korea
Young-Ho Jung Sukja Ko 2017/02/13
525 Achievements and Prospects of the Social Service Electronic Voucher Program in Korea - The Case of the Community Service Investment Project
SeKyung Park 2017/01/16
524 Applications of Resources-based Relative Value Scale in the National Health Insurance Scheme to Secure Adequate Supply of and Demand for Medical Specialists
Youngho Oh 2016/12/06
523 A Social Media Strategy for Public Communication on Food Safety Matters
Kim Jeongseon, Lee Nanhui 2016/12/06
522 Children's Subjective Quality of Life
Kim Misuk 2016/10/06
521 Impact of Increasing Part-Time Work on Income Inequality
Kim Hyeongyeong 2016/10/06