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No Subject Summary Author Date
117 Social Cohesion: Current Issues and Countermeasures - Part IV Social Problems and Social Cohesion Jung, Haesik 2019/05/22
116 The Korean Health Panel: the Present and the Future Kim, Namsoon 2019/05/15
115 Multidimensional Poverty of Youth in South Korea Kim, Moon-kil 2019/05/08
114 Machine Learning-Based Models for Big Data Analysis and Prediction: Social Security Applications Oh, Miae 2019/05/02
113 Findings and Implications of the Disability Survey 2017 Kim, Seonghee 2019/04/24
112 Efforts and Outcomes of the Welfare State: Welfare Spending, Redistribution, and Quality of Society Yeo, Eugene 2019/04/17
111 2017 National Survey of Older Koreans: Findings and Implications Chung, Kyunghee 2019/04/10
110 Health and Welfare in 2017: Major Issues and Policy Responses KIHASA 2019/04/03
109 Measuring Performance and Effectiveness of the Seoul Youth Activities Support Program Kim, Moon Kyl 2019/02/20
108 The 3rd Basic Plan on Low Fertility and Aging Society: Monitoring in 2017 Kim, Eun Jeong 2019/01/30