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No Subject Summary Author Date
124 Demographic Impact Assessment: Current State and Future Directions of Research on the Evaluation of Population Policies Kim, Jonghoon 2019/07/17
123 Monitoring the Basic Living Security Program: Experts and Fornt-line Staff Forum Lee, Tae Jin 2019/07/09
122 Socioeconomic Effects of Retirement Age Extension Nam, Sang-Ho 2019/06/26
121 Effects of the Revised Operating Guidelines on the Attending Hospital Program in Korea Oh, Yeongho 2019/06/19
120 Post-Unification Social Security System for the North Korean Region - An Integrated System Cho, Sungeun 2019/06/12
119 Multidimensional Elderly Poverty Index Yun, Sukmyung 2019/06/05
118 The 2017 Korea Welfare Panel Study (KOWEPS) - Descriptive Report Kim, Taewan 2019/05/29
117 Social Cohesion: Current Issues and Countermeasures - Part IV Social Problems and Social Cohesion Jung, Haesik 2019/05/22
116 The Korean Health Panel: the Present and the Future Kim, Namsoon 2019/05/15
115 Multidimensional Poverty of Youth in South Korea Kim, Moon-kil 2019/05/08