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No Subject Summary Author Date
109 Measuring Performance and Effectiveness of the Seoul Youth Activities Support Program KIM Moon Gil 2019/02/20
108 The 3rd Basic Plan on Low Fertility and Aging Society: Monitoring in 2017 KIM Eun Jeong 2019/01/30
107 Evaluation and Modeling of Youth Linkage Service Pilot Project KIM Yoo Kyung 2019/01/24
106 Evaluation and Modeling of the Youth-Family Linkage Service Pilot Project KIM Yoo Kyung 2019/01/16
105 Means Tests in the South Korean Social Security System Kang Shinwook 2018/03/07
104 Efforts & Outcomes of the Welfare State - Welfare Spending, Redistribution, and Quality of Society Eugene Yeo 2018/02/20
103 Evaluation, Policy Issues and Strategies Regarding Welfare Polices for Older Persons Kyunghee Chung 2018/02/20
102 The Lifetime Cost of Dementia: Prevention and Management Sukja Ko Young-Ho Jung 2018/02/14
101 Spatial-Data-Based Analysis of Adequate Supply and Demand for Childcare Service Infrastructure Hyunsoo Choi Miae Oh Mikyung Cheon 2018/02/14
100 Risks and Socioeconomic Costs of Alcohol-Attributable Illnesses Young-Ho Jung Sukja Ko 2018/02/07