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No Subject Summary Author Date
138 Migrant Children: A Qualitative Study on Korean-Chinese and Korean-Vietnamese Children Returning to Their Mothers' Homelands Shin Yoon-jeong 2020/01/29
137 Machine Learning-Based Techniques of Anomaly Detection - As Applied to Health and Welfare Data Oh Miae 2019/12/24
136 The Effect of Income Support for the Households with Children on Redistribution of Income Joung Eunhee 2019/11/27
135 Development Trajectory and Future Direction of the Welfare State in Korea Yeo Eugene 2019/11/19
134 Social Cohesion: Current Issues and Countermeasures-Part V Social Conflicts and Social Cohesion Jung, Haesik 2019/11/13
133 A Study of the Improvement of Health Rights for People with Disabilities Kim, Seonghee 2019/11/06
132 A Comprehensive Analysis of Social Service Security in Korea Ahn, Suran 2019/10/30
131 One Decade of Health Impact Assessment Development in South Korea: Characteristics of Health Impact Assessment for Central and Local Government Policies Choi, Eun Jin 2019/10/23
130 2018 National Survey on Fertility, Family Health and Welfare Lee, Soyoung 2019/09/23
129 Social Big Data Trend Analysis Based on Health and Welfare Issues in 2018 Oh, Miae 2019/08/20