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No Subject Summary Author Date
7 Gender differences in the effects of family socioeconomic status on health in Korea
Yean-Ju Lee, Mee-Kyung Suh 2016/04/18
6 The Population of Korea
Choe Ehn Hyun, Byun Yong Chan. 2016/04/18
5 APEC Social Safety Net Capacity Building Network
Chanyong Park, Jae Youn Woo 2016/04/18
4 Korean Welfare System: Recent Reform and Achievements
Chanyong Park, Yong Chan Byun 2016/04/18
3 Poverty and Socio-Economic Changes in Korea
Chanyong Park 2016/04/18
2 Social Protection for the Unemployed in Korea
Neung-Hoo Park 2016/04/18
1 Social Security and the Social Safety Net in Korea
Meesook Kim 2016/04/18