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No Subject Summary Author Date
97 Analysis of the Pregnancyand Childbirth-Related Medical Expense Subsidization Program in South Korea So-Young Lee 2017/10/26
96 Public Long-Term Care Insurance Program for the Elderly (LTCI) - Performance Evaluation and Policy Implications
Duk Sunwoo 2017/10/26
95 International Comparison of Social Cohesion
Hae-sik Jung and Seonga Kim 2017/10/26
94 The Effects of Private Health Insurance on Health Care Use
Hyeonung Shin 2016/12/28
93 Development and Application of the Age Integration (AIIS)
Kyunghee Chung 2016/12/28
92 Changing Family Structure and Family Support - Outlook and Policy Implications
Yu-Kyung Kim 2016/12/28
91 The Correlation between Fertility and the Female Labor Force Participation Rate at the Local Level in Korea
Jongseo Park Jiyoun Yang 2016/11/28
90 Impact of Increasing Part-Time Work on Income Inequality
Hyeon-Kyeong Kim 2016/10/30
89 Children’s Subjective Quality of Life
Meesook Kim 2016/10/30
88 Disparity in Health Infrastructure Supporting Pregnancy and Childbirth
So-young Lee 2016/10/30