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No Subject Summary Author Date
75 Changes in the Perception of Marital Roles and Factors Associated with Work-Family Conflict
Eunjung Kim 2015/12/28
74 The Treatment Compliance of People with Lifestyle Diseases - Current Status and Improvement Suggestions
Park Eun-ja Lee Ye-seul Lee Jung-ah Kwon Jin-won 2015/12/28
73 The Effects of an Aging Population on Personal Income Tax Revenue in Korea - Evidence from a dynamic microsimulation
Go Jei 2016/04/18
72 Patient’s Choice of Hospital in Korean Inpatient Care Market
Kim Daejung 2016/04/18
71 A Society with a Lowest-Low Fertility Rate and Super-Aged Population: Risks and Strategy
Lee Samsik 2016/04/18
70 The Lifestyle-Related Disease Reduction Strategy - Pathway Analysis of Health Perception, Health Behavior, and Health Status
Jeong Yeongho 2016/04/18
69 Population Ageing and Changes in the Role of Public and Private Transfers - Analysis using Korea’s National Transfer Accounts Hwang Namhui 2016/04/18
68 Forecasts on the Real Income Replacement Rates of Public and Private Pensions by Birth Cohort
Baek Hyeyeon 2016/04/18
67 Welfare System Sustainability and the Role of Welfare Technology in a Low-Birthrate and Rapidly Aging Society
Ryu Geunchun 2016/04/18
66 Social Big Data Analysis and Utilization Methodologies - With Special Reference to Forecasting the dangers of sexting in Korea using social big data
Song Taemin 2016/04/18