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Policy Paper

No Subject Summary Author Date
10 Low Birth Weight Outcomes and Policy Issues in Korea
Youngja Han, Kyoung Suh, Sonmoon Shin, et al. 2016/04/18
9 A Study of Public Evaluation: the Case of the Policy Requiring Separation of Prescribing and Dispensing
Kyongil Yoon, Woogin Chung, Youngtaek Park, et al. 2016/04/18
8 Developing Healthcare Organization Accreditation System in Korea
Woogin Chung, Kyongil Yoon, Youngtaek Park, et al. 2016/04/18
7 Development of an Evaluation Model for Informationalization in Medical Institutions
Jungyoon Suh, Changwoo Shin, Yongun Shin 2016/04/18
6 Population and Development in Korea - Focus on the ICPD Programme of Action -
Namhoon Cho, Samsik Lee 2016/04/18
5 Development and Application of the Evaluation Scheme for Social Welfare Institution
Jaekwan Byun, Dongwoo Suh, Jaesung Choi, et al. 2016/04/18
4 A Study on Measuring the Poverty Line in 1999
Mikon Kim, Yoojin Yeo, Sihyun Yang, et al. 2016/04/18
3 Future Population Changes and Socio-demographic Policy Issues for a Reunified Korea
Samsik Lee, Mamhoon Cho, Hwajong Baek, et al. 2016/04/18
2 Policy Issues on Nurturing Venture Business in Medical Device Industry
Kyunjick Lee, Woobaek Lee 2016/04/18
1 A Study on Improving the Distribution and Price System of Dietary Supplements
Keehye Choung, Jungkeun Kim 2016/04/18