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Policy Paper

No Subject Summary Author Date
521 Impact of Increasing Part-Time Work on Income Inequality
Kim Hyeongyeong 2016/10/06
520 Disparity in Health Infrastructure Supporting Pregnancy and Childbirth
Lee Soyeong 2016/10/06
519 The Economic Effect of the Basic Pension and National Health Insurance: A Social Accounting Matrix Approach
Won Jonguk 2016/10/06
518 The Correlation between Fertility and the Female Labor Force Participation Rate at the Local Level in Korea
Park Jongseo, Yang Jiyun 2016/05/04
517 Long-term Projections of Population Structure and an Analysis on the Economic Impact of Aging
Nam Sang Ho 2016/04/18
516 Socioeconomic Impact of Demographic Changes
Lee, Sam Sik 2016/04/18
515 Study on SCI Development
Kang Shin Wook 2016/04/18
514 Ways to Promote Food Risk Communication Jeong Ki Hye 2016/04/18
513 Survey of Welfare System in Selected Countries
Ko Kyung Hwan 2016/04/18
512 Accounting Survey of Medical Institutions to Improve Relative Value by Type of Medical Practice
Shin Young Seok 2016/04/18