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No Subject Summary Author Date
10 Low Fertility and Policy Responses to Issues of Ageing and Welfare
Namhoon Cho, Samsik Lee 2016/04/18
9 A Study on the Balanced Development of Public and Private Pension Schemes
Sukmyoung Yoon, Wonsik Kim, Sanghyun Park 2016/04/18
8 Strategies to Respond to Changes in Ways of Life of Unemployed Households
Seungkwon Kim, Aejeo Cho, Mikon Kim, et al. 2016/04/18
7 The Change of Poverty and Income Inequality Level during Economic Crisis and Counter Policies in Korea
Chanyong Park, Jinwook Kim, Taewan Kim 2016/04/18
6 Study on the Liability and Asset Estimation of the Public Pension Scheme
Byungho Choi, Junhang Cho 2016/04/18
5 The Effectiveness of Community Health Programs: Article Review
Wonki Chang, Kyounglae Jung, Youngmi Kim, et al. 2016/04/18
4 A Study on the Effect of Coorporative Strategy among Hospitals on Effeciency
Kyoungil Yoon, Woojin Chung, Youngtaek Park, et al. 2016/04/18
3 The Analysis of Health Care Expenditures and Policy Options
Youngsuk Shin, Hyunwoong Shin, Jongak Shin 2016/04/18
2 A Study on the Structure of Health Industry: An Input-Output Apporach
Youngho Jung, Kyunjick Lee 2016/04/18
1 The Supply and Demand Conditions for Long-Term Care Hospital and Its Policy Implications
Youngho Oh, Jisook Han, Jinju Oh 2016/04/18