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Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs Annual Report 2016
Attach Annual Report 2016.pdfAnnual Report 2016.pdf Author Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs Date 2017/09/20

Foreword 02
Chapter 01
01. Mission, History, Functions 10
02. Organization Chart, KIHASA Staff 11
03. Vision & Managerial Goals 12
04. Research Departments 13
05. Publicity and Collaboration, Library 22
06. Publications 23
07. KIHASA Websites 24
Chapter 02
Research Projects in 2016
Healthcare Service Utilization among Korean Patients with Chronic Disease:Focusing on Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 30
Patient Safety in Korea: Current Status and Policy Issues 32
An Efficient Utilization Method of Health Care Resources to Keep Medical Expenses at an Appropriate Level in Korea: Focused on the Attending Hospital System 34
The Social Burden and Care Management for People with Dementia 37
Analysis of Demand for Elder Health Care and Long-Term Care:Strategies for Diversifying Providers 38
The Consumption Patterns and Influencing Factors of Consumption among the Poor in Korea 39
A Study of the Poverty Environment of Low-Income Class and the Policy of Self-Support 40
The Diagnosis of Family Crises and Social Policies on the Diversification of Family Environment 41
Evaluation, Policy Issues and Strategies Regarding Welfare Polices for Older Persons 43
Constructing an Improved Support System for Abused Children 44
Informatization Issues and Policy Tasks for IoT of Social Welfare Facilities 46
Policy Support for Medical Expenses on Pregnancy and Delivery:The Kookmin Haengbok Card Program 47
Childbirth and Child-Rearing in Diverse Families and Policy Implications:With Focus on Nonmarital Cohabitation 48
Should We Be Alarmed about Low Fertility, Population Decline,and Population Aging 50
Analysis and Evaluation of the Supply of Childcare Service Infrastructure Using Spatial Data and Accessibility Indicator 51
Performance Evaluation and Improvement on Long-Term Care Insurance 53
Recommendations for Community-Based Housing Model for Seniors:Based on Migration Analysis and Case Study 54
Study on Modelling for Financial Projection of NPS in an Era of Demographic Change 55
Aging Society and Economic Impact of Increasing Social Welfare Finance (2nd Year) 56
A Study of Fertility Changes in Korea: Based on National Fertility and Family Health Survey (1974~2012) 58
Demographic Forecasting: Analytic Review and Assessment 59
The Current Status of Health Behaviors and Mental Habits and the Policy Directions to Improve Them in Korea 60
Project Management of Health Impact Assessment(HIA) for 2016 61
A Study of Social Cohesion : Koreans’ Perceived Social Cohesion 66
The EFC(Error, Fraud, Corruption) in Social Service and Targeting Errors 68
Data Portal System Management and Operation 2016 for Health and Welfare Statistical Information 69
Assessment of Outcomes of Innovation in Health care Delivery System:A Conceptual Framework and Methodology Road-map 70
Chapter 02
Research Projects in 2016
2016 Korea Healthcare Quality Report 71
Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health in Korea: Magnitude of Its Challenges and Strategy for Alleviation (Ⅰ) 73
The 2016 Korea Welfare Panel Study (KOWEPS) - Descriptive Report - 74
A Study of Strategies for Improving the Korea Health Panel 75
An Integrated Approach to Abuse and Violence across the Lifespan 76
Study about the Restructuring of Evaluation Systems in Social Securities 77
An Outlook on Social Security in North Korea after Unification:A Transitional Dual System 78
Dynamic micro-simulation Outlook model for Social policy Analysis (DOSA):An Application to Old Age Income Support in Korea 79
How to Improve Means Testing for Social Security Benefits in Korea 80
Social Security Service Delivery System:An Integrated Approach to Customized Services 81
The Evaluation of Work-Family Reconciliation Policy impact on Fertility Behavior 83
Policy Support for the Last Phase of Life for Oldest-Older People in a Post-Aged Korea 85
Development of a Health Policy Evaluation Model (Ⅰ):Analysis of the Current Status and Priority Setting of Evaluation 86
The Effect of Increased Health Care Coverage on Provider Behavior in Cancer Care 87
A Study of Housing Support Policy for Youth Poverty Reduction 88
A Study on Policy Directions for Support Systems for the Individuals with Developmental Disabilities 90
Paradigm Shifts in Family Policy on Changes in Marriage and Fertility Behavior 91
A Comparative Study of Social Policy in Asian Countries:Focusing on the System of Social Protection Policies 92
A Comparative Study of Social Policy in Asian Countries:Focusing on the System of Social Protection Policies 93
Socio-economic Effects of Basic Pension system in Korea:Evidence from CGE Analyses 96
Policy Demand of the Working Poor 98
A Study of Development and Application of Social Cohesion Index 99
Analysis of the Socioeconomic Value of Volunteering in the Social Service Sector 100
A comparative case study on the role of the welfare system in the process of overcoming the economic crisis 101
Challenges for Activating the Convergence of ICT and Healthcare Services 103
Study on the relationship between sensory level of experience and policy performance in social policy 104
Long-term Demographic Change and Financial Projection of Social Insurances 106
Designing a Korean Welfare State Model: A Comparison of Welfare Regimes 108
The Issues and Policy Challenges of the Social Welfare Integration of North and South Korea: Focusing on North Korea’s Welfare Delivery System 111
A Study of ODA Evaluation Systems 112
Measuring and Assessing Well-being in OECD Countries 113
A Study of the Application of Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance to Volunteers 115
Review of the Health and Welfare Related Contents of the Textbooks Used at Elementary, Middle and High Schools 117
Social Big Data Analytics of Health and Welfare Issues in 2016 118
Statistical Yearbook of Poverty 2016 119
Chapter 03
Outreach Activities
01. KIHASA Periodicals 124
02. International Conferences and Seminars 139 

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