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Issues and Implications of Alternative Income Security Arrangements
Attach Issues and Implications of Alternative Income Security Arrangements(KOR).pdfIssues and Implications of Alternative Income Security Arrangements(KOR).pdf Author Kang Sinwook Date 2017/10/26

As recent years have seen the youth income gap ratio increase and the real market income decrease for the lowest income decile, this research aims to review the issues and implications of some alternative income security arrangements such as basic income, minimum wage raise, and youth allowance. These arrangements share a common characteristic: they all are for the working-age population.

Considering the ongoing industrial changes, the increasing flexibility in the labor market, and the deteriorating income distribution, basic income may be an alternative. However, the timing of its implementation and the question whether it would be of benefit to all people must carefully be examined. Increasing the minimum wage to an unprecedented extent could be a policy option to increase the income of the working poor without adding to the fiscal burden. This may also contribute to the growth of formal labor market employment. But it should be noted that increased minimum wage by itself does not make for a proper response to labor market insecurity. The low coverage of social insurance for the youth is one of the reasons why youth allowance should be introduced in Korea. Considering the heterogeneity in young people, new income support program should be well-focused and well-targeted. Income support for training and education at local government levels and wage support for the socially-vulnerable working poor could be more practical policy measures. 


Abstract 1
요 약 3
제1장 서론 7
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 9
제2절 연구의 내용 및 구성 12
제2장 최근 소득분배의 변화 경향과 대안적 제도 논의의 필요성  15
제1절 주요 빈곤지표를 통해 본 소득분배 실태의 변화 17
제2절 계층별 공적이전소득의 구성 변화 23
제3장 기본소득이론 쟁점과 시사점 27
제1절 기본소득 논의 배경 29
제2절 기본소득 개념과 관련 쟁점 31
제3절 시사점 49
제4장 미국 최저임금 인상의 배경과 재분배정책 53
제1절 문제 제기 55
제2절 미국 최저임금 인상안 56
제3절 최저임금 인상의 배경 65
제4절 소결 72
제5장 수당의 대상 확대 논의에 대한 검토: 청년수당을 중심으로 75
제1절 들어가며 77
제2절 수당제도 도입에 대한 이론적, 실증적 검토 79
제3절 청년 소득지원제도 개선 방안 검토 98
제4절 소결 105
제6장 대안적 소득보장제도를 둘러싼 논의의 함의 109
참고문헌 115 

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