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Policy Paper

Evaluating the 2018 Community Health Promotion Program and Surveying Its Impact
Attach Author Jeong Young Ho Date 2019/11/19



I. Overview of the Community Integrated Health Promotion Program 1
  1. The Purpose and Strategies of the Community Integrated Health Promotion Program 3


II. Community Health Promotion Program: Based on the Community Health Center Report on the Integrated Health Promotion Program 7
  1. What is a Community Integrated Health Promotion Program  9
  2. Types of Life-Cycle Performance Indicators 29
  3. Challenges Facing the Community Integrated Health Promotion Program 55


III. Survey on the Community Health Promotion Program 57
  1. Survey Method and Contents 59
  2. Main Results 60


IV. Impact of the Community Health Promotion Program: Survey Method and Results  67
  1. Sampling Design 69
  2. Weighting 76
  3. Survey Results 80


V. Case Studies and Policy Tasks: Japan's Health Promotion Programs 121
  1. Community Capacity Strengthening: Service Providers, Infrastructure, etc. 123
  2. Work Relationship between Central Government and Local Governments 139
  3. Delivery System for Community Health Promotion Programs 148
  4. Health Promotion Programs Adaptable for Korea 156


References 163
Appendices 165 

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