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Policy Paper

Making and Keeping Korea's Adoption Process in Compliance with the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption
Attach Author Shin Yoon-jeong Date 2020/02/18



I. Introduction  1
  1. Research Background and Purpose   3
  2. Research Scope and Methods  5


II. Adopting Children from Overseas in Korea  9
  1. Current Status of Adoptions from Overseas in Korea 11
  2. Korea's Rules and Regulations Concerning Overseas Adoption  29
  3. Family Life of Adopted Children  47


III. Adoption Processes in Major Sending Countries  57
  1. Major Ideas in the Hague Convention  59
  2. Intercountry Adoption Processes in China and Vietnam  65
  3. Chapter Conclusion  74


IV. In-depth Interview with Adoptees in Selected Countries  77
  1. Overview of the Analysis  79
  2. Characteristics of Adoptive Parents' Marriage  88
  3. Adoption  99
  4. Family Life of Adoptees  115


V. Conclusion and Policy Recommendations  125
  1. Summary of Study Results  127
  2. Policy Recommendations  131


References  143

Appendices  147 


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