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Policy Paper

The Effectiveness of the Healthcare Quality Evaluation System and the Development of Evaluation Models
Attach Author Kang Hee Jeong Date 2020/02/25



I. Introduction 1
  1. Research Background and Purpose 3
  2. Research Scope and Methods 8
  3. Present State and Problems of the Healthcare Quality Evaluation Grant Program 14


II. Recent Trends of Hospital Performance Compensation Programs 33
  1. The USA 35
  2. The UK  71
  3. Canada  87
  4. Chapter Conclusion  103

III. Assessing the Impact of Healthcare Quality Evaluation Grants 109
  1. The Performance Evaluation Model for Healthcare Quality Evaluation Grants 111
  2. Assessing the Impact of Healthcare Quality Evaluation Grants 130
  3. Chapter Conclusion 150


IV. Evaluation Redesign Plans 153
  1. Review for Redesign  155
  2. Pre-Analysis for and Implementation Plans of Redesign 162
  3. Establishment of an Indicators Management System  185


V. Improving Evaluation Indicators for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 199
  1. Improving Evaluation Categories 201
  2. Improving Short-term Indicators for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 208
  3. Improving Long-term Indicators for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety 212


VI. Conclusion 227
  1. Qualtiy Evaluation Policy Trends at Home and Abroad and Their Implications 229
  2. Policy Directions for Healthcare Facilities Quality Evaluation 232


References 237

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