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Health and Welfare Forum No. 247
Attach Author Hyung-mo Kim et al. Date 2017/12/20

1. Foreword: For a Society Where Human Rights Are Protected for the Socially Vulnerable--Hyung-mo Kim

2. Child Maltreatment and Improvement Direction for Child Protection System--Jeong-hee Ryu

3. Human Rights of Disabled People: Current Status and Policy Issues--Dong-suk Lee

4. Elder Abuse in Korea and Its Policy Implications--Kyunghee Chung

5. Intimate Partner Violence: Where We Are and Where We Should Head?--Ahyoung Song

6. Current State and Challenges of Abuse in Formal Care Settings--Yunkyung Lee

7. The Family Crises in a Changing Social Environment and Their Policy Implications--Yukung Kim

8. Policy Challenges for Activating Reverse Mortgage Programs--Shinhwee Oh

9. Current Status of the Management of Food Contact Materials and Articles in China and Its Policy Implications--Jeongseon Kim

10. Health and Welfare Trends

11. Global Goings-on


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