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Health and Welfare Forum No. 248
Attach Author Byongho Tchoe et al. Date 2017/12/21

1. Foreword: Time to Innovate the National Health Insurance--Byongho Tchoe

2. Directions for Health Insurance Innovation--Youngseok Shin

3. Policies on the Management of Uncovered Services to Reduce Medical Expenses in the NHI--Jinsun Kong

4. The Proper Role of National Health Insurance and Private Health Insurance--Gi-chun Choi and Hyun-bok Lee

5. Medical Technology Assessment and Benefit Coverage Decisions--Jongyeon Park

6. Payment Reform for Better Value and Medical Innovation in the National Health Insurance--Hee-chung Kang

7. The Private Sector-Led Public-Private Partnership Pilot Program: Outcomes and Challenges--Youngjin Ham and Taeeun Kim

8.  Comparing the Child Allowance of Japan and the Child Home Care Allowance of Korea--Seonga Kim and Taewan Kim

9. Health and Welfare Trends


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