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Health and Welfare Forum No. 253
Attach Author Dongwoo Han et al. Date 2017/12/21

1. Foreword: Welfare Service Delivery Reform Tasks for the Moon Jae-in Administration--Dongwoo Han

2. The New Government’s Welfare Delivery System: Review and Suggestions for Improvement--Hyekyu Kang

3. The Outreach Community Centers Initiative: Policy Recommendations for Improvement--Keum-ryong Hwang

4. Issues in Public-private Partnerships in the Social Welfare Sector--Youngjin Ham

5. Village-Making: Balancing Community Autonomy with Welfare--Pil Doo Kim

6. The Social Security Information System: Current State and Challenges Ahead--Byong-ju Chu and Sunmi Park

7. Current State of the Family Caregiver Support Policy and Improvement Suggestions for Long-term Care Service--Sunhee Lee

8. Health and Welfare Trends


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