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Household Expenditures on Outpatient Care, Inpatient Care, and Prescription Medication: Trends by Income Quintile
Author Youn Jung & Sukyoung Jung Ho 1 Date 2018 . 01 Page

Many years on since its introduction Korea's National Health Insurance (NHI) remains criticized for limiting access to health care and increasing out-of-pocket burdens on households, with its coverage still far below the average of its OECD counterparts (63.4 percent vs. 79.7 percent) even after a couple of mid-term improvement plans. The first mid-term plan (2005~2008) exempted chidren aged 6 and below from copayment and lowered out-of-pocket costs for people with cancer, heart disease, and cerebrovascular disorder. The second plan (2009~2013) further lowered out-of-pocket costs for the three diseases, included pneumonia and major burn injuries in the copayment reduction program, and set copayment limits that would apply differentially to different income groups.


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