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1 Health Research in Times of Living with Covid-19 Kim, Nam-Soon 5-9 원문 다운로드
2 Financial Strain, Workplace Injustice, Poor Health: Findings of the 2018 Survey among Workers Filed Strategic Lawsuits against Labor Union Activities in South Korea Park, Jooyoung; Choi, Bokyoung; Kim, Ranyeong; Yun, Jisun; Park, Hyeung-Keun 10-47 원문 다운로드
3 The Time Poverty Associated with Work-Life Balance among Korean Dependent Self-Employed Workers Cho, A-Ra; Kim, Myung-Hee; Kwon, Hyun-Jung 48-84 원문 다운로드
4 The Influence of the 2015 Welfare Reform of the National Basic Livelihood Security System on Material Hardship among the Poor Lee, RaeHyuck; Nam, Jaehyun 85-113 원문 다운로드
5 A Study on the Transition of Multidimensional Poverty Types of the Elderly: Focusing on Comparative Analysis of Cohort Kim, Se Jin; Nam, Seok In 114-151
6 Impact of Chronic Elderly Patients with Private Health Insurance on Medical Use Kim, Suyeon; Sohn, Minsung; Kim, Gwihyun; Choi, Mankyu 152-177 원문 다운로드
7 The Effects of Increase in the Basic Pension on the life Satisfaction of Elderly Beneficiaries in Korea Hwang, Inuk; Lee, Tae-jin 178-215 원문 다운로드
8 A Study of the Provision of Unemployment Benefits using Teachers’ Pension Fund in the Closing of Private Schools: Focusing on the Problems and Alternatives of the Current Teachers’ Pension Regulations and Financial Estimation Jung, In-Young; Kwon, Hyeokchang; Kim, Su Sung 216-247 원문 다운로드
9 The Relationship between Retirement and Depression of Elderly Men: Analysis of Mediating Effect of Social Contact and Mediated Moderation Effect of Utilizing Electronic Devices Um, Sa Rang; Kim, Su Kyoung; Kim, Ji Won; Shin, Hye Ri Kim, Young Sun 248-285 원문 다운로드
10 A Study on the Depression Levels and Influencing Factors in the Elderly: A Comparison between Low-Income and Ordinary-Income Households Kim, Kyu Min; Kim, Jae Hak; Rhee, Hyun Sill 286-314 원문 다운로드
11 A Study of Policy Priorities for the Promotion of Mental Health among People with Disabilities Seo, Wonsun; Lee, Hye Su 315-350 원문 다운로드
12 A Qualitative Case Study on the Pediatric Palliative Psychosocial Support Program Experienced by Parents of Children Suffering from Life-Threatening Diseases Moon, Yi-Ji; Um, Myung-Yong 351-391 원문 다운로드
13 The Mediating Effects of Self-Esteem and Stress on the Relationship between Experience of Discrimination in Everyday Life and Depression/Anxiety, Aggression of Children Kim, Soo Jung 392-428 원문 다운로드
14 An Analysis of the Influence of Youth’s Academic Stress on Game Overindulgence by Mediating Parent-Children Communication and Peer Relationship Kim, Jin Woong; Hong, Seo Joon; Kim, Wook Jin 429-458 원문 다운로드
15 The Mediation Effects of Self-Esteem in the Relationship between Gender Role Perception and Family-Life Satisfaction of the Married: Applying APIMeM Kim, Hyojin; Shin, Hyunwoo; Hong, Sehee 459-491 원문 다운로드
16 A Study on the ‘Low Fertility’ Research Trends Using Text Mining Technique: Focusing on the Comparison with the Process of Low Fertility Policy Oh, Shin-hwee; Kim, Hea-Jin 492-533 원문 다운로드
17 Long-term Trends of Cohort Total Fertility Rates in Korea Shin, Yoon-Jeong 534-562 원문 다운로드
18 Effectiveness of the Pilot Project for Polypharmacy Management Yang, So-Young; Jang, Sunmee; Kwon, Sun-Hong; Lee, Juyeun Ah, Youngmi; Kang, Cinoo; Hong, Sung-Hyun; Park, Hyekyung 563-591 원문 다운로드
19 Developing Social Welfare Practice Competence Scale for Unification Period in Korea Yang, Ok Kyung; Kim, Haklyoung; Choi, Hyeji 592-628 원문 다운로드