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1 Health and Welfare in the Age of Science and Technology Overwhelming Humans Shin, Young-jeon 5-7 원문 다운로드
2 An Analysis of the Effects of the Senior Employment Program on the Economic Living Conditions of Senior Households: With Focus on Changes in Income and Consumption Lee, Jihye; Hwang, Namhui 11-38 원문 다운로드
3 An Analysis of Informal Caregiving and Labor Market Outcomes Choi, Kyong Duk; Ahn, Taehyun 39-71 원문 다운로드
4 Analysis of the UK’s Dementia Response Policy and Implications: Focusing on Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy Lee, Hyun-Sook 72-107 원문 다운로드
5 Neighborhood Problems of Citizens Living in a Decaying Village and Strategies for Improving Quality of Life Based on Urban Regeneration: Focusing on Jinae Town in the U-dong of Haeundae Oh, Young Sam; Kim, Soo-Young; Jung, Hyejin 108-135 원문 다운로드
6 An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Mobility on Social Exclusion among People with Disabilities Lee, Yushin; Kim, Hansun 136-165 원문 다운로드
7 The Effect of Social Capital on Self-Rated Health Among Immigrants in South Korea Park, Se-Hee; Hwang, Inuk; Ko, Beuniel; Lee, Tae-Jin 166-199 원문 다운로드
8 The Effect of Childhood Socioeconomic Status on Depression among Middle-Aged Adults in the Life Course Perspective Yoon, Sookyung 200-229 원문 다운로드
9 Classifying the Sleep Duration Trajectories in Korean Adolescents: Using A Latent Class Growth Analysis Yoo, Changmin 230-258 원문 다운로드
10 The Effect of Pictorial Health Warnings on Attention Bias and Attention Bias Modification Training in University Student Smokers Park, Ha Na; Yoon, Hye Yeong 259-292 원문 다운로드
11 The Effects of Self-Esteem on Drinking Problems: Multi-Group Analysis of Gender and Age Lee, Suk-Hyun; Han, Chang-Keun 293-333 원문 다운로드
12 The Relationship between Sub-dimensions of Health Literacy and Health-Related Behaviors among Korean Adults Kim, Seongeun; Park, Dong-Jin; Choi, Jounghwa 334-364 원문 다운로드
13 A Study of the Experience of Unmet Dental Care Needs among Older Adults Kim, Jung Wook; Bae, Ho Joong 365-389 원문 다운로드
14 A Study on the Development of Predictive Model for Severity-Adjusted Length of Stay in Nervous System Patients Using Machine Learning Park, Jongho; Kang, Sunghong 390-427 원문 다운로드
15 Perception of Patient Safety Culture, Intra-Organizational Communication Satisfaction and Factors Influencing Patient Safety Nursing Activities among Operating Room Nurses in Small- and Medium-Sized Hospitals Kwon, Eun-Young; Park, Kyung-Yeon 428-452 원문 다운로드
16 A Case Study on Hospice Team’s Experience of the Decision of Patients’ Hospice and Life Sustaining Treatments Han, Sooyoun 453-484 원문 다운로드