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Did the Welfare Demand of the Population Side Lead to an Increase in the Share of Social Welfare Budget? Evidence from 16 Provinces in Korea
Author Chang, Insu; Kim, Brian H. S. Page 365-395 Date 2018-Mar

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the welfare demand led to an increase in social welfare budget by maintaining the demographic change with the fundamental goal of “guaranteeing the economic viability of human life”. The proportion of social welfare budget, social welfare budget, social welfare, basic recipients, population aged 65 and over, percentage of population aged 0 - 4, unemployment rate as independent variables in an aspect of demand side. We also consider independent rate of finance as control variable, respectively. The main results are as follows. According to a result of dynamic panel model, the elderly population ratio and the unemployment rate have a significant influence on the increase of the social welfare budget. The number of basic recipients compared to the population also showed a positive influence. According to the results of this study, the welfare demand factors such as the elderly population ratio, the unemployment rate, and the basic number of beneficiaries relative to the population are leading to the increase in the social welfare budget. This is significant in terms of proposing a standard to adjust the proportion of budget allocation by sub-sector in view of financial sustainability.

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